Señor Garcia to Mr. Seward.

After chartering steamer Havana, from New York to Southwest Pass, I purchased her under conditions to be delivered, at last port to Peruvian navy officers.

After the transfer according to the laws of the country, I sent her former register to New York to be cancelled at the custom-house in the formal way, as I am fully satisfied it has been done. Peruvian colors were hoisted and a navy officer put in command.

I informed, personally, Deputy Collector Gray, that our transport, needing repairs in its engine, was to come up to the city if there was no objection, as none could honestly be opposed.

Since the transport arrived here many questions have been moved by direction of Collector Fuller. A custom-house officer was sent on board this morning, notwithstanding the official colors hoisted by the transport, and after full explanation confidentially given to the collector yesterday, to my great surprise. I am confidentially informed in this moment, 5 p. m., that there is the intention to attempt the seizure of the vessel to-morrow morning. I submit to you this urgent case that may prove so injurious to the honor, the rights, and interests of Peru, and which, therefore, requires the immediate action of your government.


Hon. William H. Seward , &c., &c., &c.