Señor Garcia to Mr. Seward.

Mr. Secretary: I am pleased to inform you that his excellency Don José Balta assumed the presidency of Peru on the 2d of August last, constitutionally elected to that important position by the national will, and that he has formed his cabinet of the following persons: Doctor Don Pedro Galvez, president of the council of ministers, minister of government, police, and public works; Doctor Don José Antonio Bar-renechea, minister of foreign affairs; Doctor Don Luciano Benjamin Cisneros, minister of justice, public instruction, beneficence, and worship; Colonel Don Juan Francisco Balta, minister of war and marine; and Doctor Don Francisco Garcia Calderon, minister of finance and commerce.

The new government of Peru is formed of men who are distinguished for their patriotism and intelligence, and I can assure you that the international policy of the new administration will continue to be just and courteous in its relations with other governments; and that the nation which I have the honor to represent will make it a special duty to cultivate and strengthen its present friendliness with the government of the United States.

I repeat the assurance of my distinguished consideration,


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.