Pedro Diez Canseco, second Vice-President of the republic, encharged with the executive powers:

Whereas the glorious termination of the revolution which had for its object the re-establishment of the legal regimen, and the expiration of the administrative period being near at hand, the time has arrived for the people to elect the President and the Vice-Presidents of the republic, and likewise the citizens who are to compose the national congress.

In virtue of the great political events which have occurred since congress adjourned in 1864, it now becomes necessary to renovate and elect entirely anew the congressional body to regulate the advancement of the country, and to enter, without meeting insuperable obstacles, on the constitutional mode of government. Having heard the decision of the cabinet council, I decree:

1st. That on the 1st of April next the parroquial electors shall assemble to select the citizens who shall form the provincial electoral colleges, both bodies to act in strict conformity with the law of April 13, 1861.

2d. The provincial electoral colleges shall select the President, first and second Vice-Presidents of the republic. The same colleges shall elect the senators and deputies corresponding to the departments and provinces composing the nation, in accordance with the plan formed by the congress of 1861.

3d. Congress shall be inaugurated on the 28th of July next, to fulfill the duties imposed by the constitution, and to enact, according to its attributions, the laws which may be required by the condition of the republic.

The minister of state in the department of foreign affairs is encharged with the execution of this decree, ordering it to be published, printed, and circulated.


Juan Manuel Polar.