Pedro Diez Canseco, second constitutional vice-president of the republic, encharged with executive power:

Whereas, 1st. On the 28th of November, 1865, Colonel Mariano Ignacio Prado rebelled against the lawful authority of the country, in establishing a dictatorship, by virtue of resolutions forged in the several barracks of the troops, thus changing the form of government, and arrogating to himself the title of supreme chief, in opposition to the 5th article of the existing constitution, by which this act is termed high treason.

2d. That the people of the republic have solemnly refused to recognize the authority of Colonel Prado, as is proved by the acts which they have signed, and which have not been put in force, owing to the brute power which he exercised.

3d. That Colonel Prado has wounded the essentially Catholic spirit of the people by his attacks against their religion; that he has assailed individual and social guarantees; that he has wasted the public money; that he has oppressed the people with unjust and grievous taxes; that without due course of law he has filled the prisons with citizens, and also has banished them to foreign countries, for having only refused to recognize his illegitimate authority; and, in fine, his wicked administration has committed innumerable and grave crimes.

4th. That, according to the decree of the 22d of September last, constitutional order is again restored, in conformity with the national will, so unanimously and vigorously expressed, it now becomes necessary to comply with the provisions of the constitution.

5th. That, according to the 10th article of that document, all acts of those who usurp the public authority are void of effect.

6th. That, in conformity with article 127 of the penal code, those who vary the form of government and depose the constituted authorities are responsible for the crime of rebellion. Therefore, I decree:

1st. That the state of affairs be re-established on the same footing as before and on the 27th of November, 1865.

2d. In virtue of the preceding article, all of the decrees, resolutions, regulations, commissions, issued, and to be issued by Colonel Mariano Ignacio Prado, are null and void, these emanating from him in the character of supreme authority. As regards the commissions issued in favor of the officers, soldiers, and sailors who participated in the combats of Altao, on the 14th of February, 1866, and Callao, on the 2d of May, 1866, the government reserves the faculty of rewarding worthily those individuals.

3d. In conformity with that ordered in the first article, the tribunals of the republic will proceed with all pending law-cases according to the tenor of the codes and laws declared to be in force.

4th. Colonel Mariano I. Prado and his accomplices are responsible for that covered by the 127th article of the penal code.

The minister in general is encharged with the execution of this decree.


Juan Manuel Polar.