Mr. Goñi to Mr. Seward.

The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of her Catholic Majesty, has the honor to present to the consideration of the honorable Secretary of State what follows:

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It is already a notorious fact, as published by the daily press in the United States, as well as in that of Peru, and neither contradicted nor denied, nor called in question by any one, that the armor clad ships Catawba and Oneota, bought by Messrs. Swift & Co., of Cincinnati, have been purchased for the government of Peru, to which they at this time belong, and that they are preparing for departure, more or less early, bound for that republic from the port of New Orleans, where they now actually are. This being understood, the undersigned, repeating the verbal reclamations which he has at various conferences made upon the subject, now addresses himself to the honorable Secretary of State, invoking his recognized uprightness, his loyalty towards friendly nations, and the noble perseverance with which he has upheld respect for the laws of neutrality, to the end that he may hinder the departure to sea of the monitors Catawba and Oneota, while the state of war exists between Spain and Peru.

The undersigned, on the present occasion, thinks he may hope for the most efficient action from the honorable Secretary of State for most especial and extraordinary reasons. First, if the state of war still subsists, it is not by fault of the Spanish government, which has shown dispositions propitious to the adjustment of a peace worthy and honorable for all parties, having always met the friendly invitations given by the Hon. Mr. Seward, and in consequence suspending active hostilities. Secondly, that the government of her Catholic Majesty having now presented the question of peace in a positive manner to the honorable Secretary of State, it ought to trust, and does trust, that while Peru and the allied republics do not proffer themselves to enter upon the negotiations proposed, the government of the United States will not consent that in this country any detriment shall occur to the rights of Spain in derogation of the laws of neutrality.

The undersigned avails of this occasion to reiterate to the honorable Secretary of State the assurance of his highest consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.