Mr. Goñi to Mr. Seward.

The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of her Catholic Majesty, has the honor to address himself to the honorable Secretary of State of the United States, begging on his part a friendly action in the matter of which he is going to occupy himself.

The history of the steamer Cuyler is of public notoriety—her sailing in January, 1866, from New York for one of the ports of Colombia, as well as that the government of her Catholic Majesty finding herself at war with some republics of the Pacific, and having credible information as to the ulterior destination of the said vessel, sent maritime forces to the port of Cartagena in-order to watch her and to impede her passing into the power of Peru, or her being employed in any manner against the interests of Spain.

The undersigned has sufficient reason to believe that the government which now governs at Bogota, and which in the matter of the Cuyler has manifested the loyalty and good faith which are fit to a neutral nation, would guarantee to retain in its power the Cuyler during the continuance of the state of war, on condition that the Spanish government withdraw its force of observation from Cartagena. If this should come about on the part of the government of Colombia, that of Spain, which had no other interest in watching the vessel but to prevent her from being employed to its prejudice, would withdraw its forces from Cartagena under the guarantee of the Colombian government.

Supposing that which he has just expressed, and Spain not having any representative at Bogota, the undersigned would be very specially grateful to the honorable Secretary of State, who has given such signal proofs of the conciliatory spirit which animates him respecting the war of the Pacific, to employ his good offices, through the medium of the minister of the United States at Bogota, to bring about this event. If the minister, Mr. Sullivan, can obtain from the government of Bogota the compromise not to deliver the Cuyler to any government or person during the existence of the state of war between Spain and the republics of the Pacific, the Spanish government would immediately withdraw the maritime force of vigilance which it maintains at Cartagena, returning the pieces of machinery of the Cuyler at present held as a guarantee.

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The undersigned, expecting this new proof of friendly complaisance from the honorable Mr. Seward, improves the opportunity to reiterate to him the assurances of his highest consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.