St. John of Jerusalem Lodge


Lodge of St. John of Jerusalem to the United States Minister at Paris.

Sir: If the savage crime perpetrated upon your illustrious President has excited the indignation of all civilized nations, much more sensibly has it been felt by the great masonic association that gloried in calling Mr. Lincoln one of its children.

Sprung from the people, he won the highest position in his country by his industry, merit, and intelligence, and honored it by his deeds. Unwavering in the terrible struggle, in his gentleness he forgot and pardoned in the hour of victory; and, like a truly great man, by his persevering energy united a nation dismembered by egotism and ambition; and by severing the chains of slavery, had the honor of restoring to the human race one branch of the family too long neglected. His glory is now united to that of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, his immortal countrymen. The Free Masons belonging to the Lodge of St. John of Jerusalem, at Nancy, join in the universal mourning, and request you to assure the brethren in America their regrets are shared, and that we feel in all its bitterness the grief of the heroic citizens of the Union. They bow with profound respect before the sorrow of Mrs. Lincoln.

Accept the expression of our most respectful sentiments.

  • LA FLIZE, the Venerable.
  • ED. LAUMANC, Orator.
  • By order of the secretary: L. FRANK.