Friends of Truth Lodge


To the glory of the Great Architect of the Universe. Under the auspices of the Grand Order of France, Order of Metz, this 10 th May, 1865, of the vulgar era, and St. John’s Lodge, all under the title of The Friends of Truth.

To the Ambassador of the United States.

Respected Sir: At a time when exclamations of condemnation arise in all parts of the world against the horrid crime of which President Lincoln has been the victim, free masonry would be derelict to its, duty if it did not raise its voice in expression of profound grief for his death, sympathy with the adversaries of slavery, and its esteem and admiration for the great and good man, so great a loss to the American Union.

The members of the lodge of The Friends of Truth, in Metz, decided, in their session of the eighth of this month, that the banner of their lodge should be draped in black for a month, as mourning for and in honor of the memory of President Lincoln, who, by his death, the result of his devotion to a holy cause, has gained a glorious place in history; and that an address, signed by the five dignitaries, should be sent to you in expression of the participation of the Metz lodge in the universal mourning for the loss of the good man, who, by his uprightness, his loyalty, his public and private virtues, his devotion, and his benevolence, carries to his grave the great regrets and profound esteem of all good people.

Hoping the address may be favorably received, we beg you will accept the most respectful homage of the members of the Metz lodge.

  • THIERY, W. M.
  • P. MESSE, S. Warden.
  • JANON, J. Warden.
  • CARRÈRE, Orator.
  • INCIENSUY, Secretary.