Government of the Canton of Berne


Council of the canton of Berne to the Bundesrath.

Gentlemen: We respectfully request you on our part, by diplomatic means, to communicate to the government of the United States of North America our congratulations on the recent Union victories, together with the expression of our sympathies for their misfortunes, and our horror at the assassination of President Lincoln, and the attempt on the life of Secretary Seward.

These Union victories will serve to realize and strengthen the principles of the free republic, will fix its fate, and form the most remarkable epoch in the pages of modern history. For these principles the great citizen and renowned statesman offered himself as a sacrifice, and was immolated as a martyr!

But we are firmly persuaded that the cowardly assassination of its great leader [Page 559] will not impede the progress of the republic in the way of liberty, virtue, and intelligence, and his successor may be urged on to complete the task begun in the good cause by his predecessor.

Accept the assurance of our distinguished consideration.

  • F. SCHERZ, President.
  • Dr. TRÄCHSEL, Secretary.