Baron Von Uttenhoven to Mr. Hirshbach


Most Honorable Mr. Consul: His Highness the Duke, my most gracious liege, has received with pain the news of the great loss which the United States of North America have suffered by the death of President Abraham Lincoln.

Sincerely admiring the noble qualities of his heart and intellect, and the greatness of mind with which he achieved the grand object of restoring the Union, his Highness has been most deeply moved by the atrocious crime to which the illustrious representative of the United States has been sacrificed, and the Duke cannot omit to express his most mournful sympathy, and through me to request your honor to convey to the government of the United States these expressions of his sentiments; expressing at the same time the wish of the Duke, that the peril in which the life of Mr. Secretary Seward has been pending may, by the favorable improvement of his condition, be considered as passed, and that he may very soon be restored to health.

I embrace the occasion to express, &c., &c.


Provisional President of the Ducal Council of State.

S. Hirshbach,
United States Consul, Sonneberg.