Baron de Wetterstedt to Mr. Hunter.


Sir: The lamentable events of which you did me the honor to inform me by your note of yesterday had already come to my knowledge through the public reports, and filled my heart with feelings of gloom and indignation. His Majesty’s government takes too sincere an interest in the welfare of this commonwealth not to learn with-profound regret the sudden and violent death of the President of the United States, in a moment when his wisdom and experience were so well needed, and when the turn of events seemed to promise to himself some reward for the trials of the past.

May the lives of those noble victims who have not yet succumbed under the blows of the assassin be spared, by God’s mercy, to their country and their sorrow-stricken families.

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I thank you for bringing to my notice that the Vice-President of the United States has assumed the functions of President, and that you have been authorized, sir, to perform the duties of Secretary of State until otherwise ordered.

I avail myself of this opportunity to offer to you the assurance of my high consideration.


Hon. W. Hunter,
Acting Secretary of State, Washington.