Manuel Mayol to Mr. Giro .


Citizen Consul: Identified with the cause of your country, which is the cause of liberty throughout the world, and at the same time impressed with sadness on account of the horrid assassination just committed upon the person of the illustrious republican Lincoln, various friends and political co-religionists of this city have decided to send a congratulation for the happy termination of your war, in which we at the same time express our sorrow for the crime that has just taken place. Wishing it may quickly arrive at its address, we have concluded to ask you, (provided there is no objection,) if we may send it immediately to your consulate, so that you can forward it directly and thus give us the assurance that it will not be lost.

Send your answer, if you please, to Armas street, No. 2, infants’ public school where it will be anxiously expected by your very humble servant,