New Friendship Lodge


Sir: At the terrible news now resounding throughout the whole world, the hearts of all French masons are filled with sorrow. They have shed tears of sympathy for the glorious death of one, who, after having used the hammer, [Page 59] square, and compass, those living implements of our immortal society, raised himself by his genius, his virtues, and spotless life, to be the great chief of the American people.

The most holy causes, by a necessary consecration, have always had their martyrs; and Abraham Lincoln will be reckoned as one of them, the noblest victim of duty.

The New Friendship Lodge of Grasse lends its voice to the echo of universal regret of French free masonry.

It does not forget that if all men are brothers, France and America are still closer united by this sublime bond, and trusts that a supreme consolation will reach the soul of Abraham Lincoln.

No! the grand villain’s crime cannot destroy the great work of the immortal citizen. A final peace and the abolition of slavery are the just fruits of his glorious conduct, and these rewards of his martyrdom will show the world what the devotion of a noble heart can do against the prejudices of ignorance.

Receive, sir, the assurance of our most respectful consideration.

(Signed by all the officers of the lodge; names cannot be read)

A similar letter is addressed by this lodge to the Grand Lodge of New York, and a sealed letter to Mrs. Lincoln.