Sir Andrew Buchanan to Mr. Clay.

Sir Andrew Buchanan, her Britannic Majesty’s ambassador, has had the honor to receive the note by which his Excellency General C. M. Clay, the minister of the United States, has acquainted him with the assassination of Mr. Lincoln, the President of the United States, and with the attempt which was made at the same time to murder Mr. William H. Seward, the Secretary of State; and further informing him that, in consequence of the former of these distressing events, Mr. Andrew Johnson has succeeded to the presidency of the Union.

In thanking General Clay for this communication, Sir Andrew Buchanan begs leave to express his sympathy with his excellency, and the people of the United States, on the great national calamity which they have sustained, while he participates in the abhorrence of its authors, which their atrocious crime must excite throughout America and the civilized world.

Sir Andrew Buchanan avails himself of this opportunity to offer to General Clay the assurance of his high consideration.