Prince Gortchacow to Mr. de Stoeckl.


Sir: The telegraph has brought ns the news of the double crime of which the President of the United States has fallen a victim and Mr. Seward barely escaped.

The blow which has struck Mr. Lincoln, at the very moment when he seemed about to harvest the fruits of his energy and perseverance, has been deeply felt in Russia.

Because of the absence of the Emperor I am not in a position to receive and transmit to you the expression of the sentiments of his Imperial Majesty. Being acquainted, nevertheless, with those which our august master entertains toward the United States of America, it is easy for me to realize in advance the impression which the news of this odious crime will cause his Imperial Majesty to experience.

I have hastened to testify to General Clay the earnest and cordial sympathy of the imperial cabinet with the federal government.

Please to express this in the warmest terms to President Johnson, adding thereto our most sincere wishes that this new and grievous trial may not impede the onward march of the American people toward the re-establishment of the Union, and of that concord which is the source of its power and of its prosperity.

Receive, sir, the assurance of my very distinguished consideration.


His Excellency Mr. Stoeckl, &c., &c., &c.