Society of the Founders of the Independence of Peru.


At the session which the permanent junta held on Monday, the 22d instant, the worthy vocal of the said junta, C. D. Jose Antonio Alvarado, presented the following proposition, which was unanimously approved of.

Proposition.—The unhappy intelligence having arrived by the last steamer from Panama of the tragic death of the illustrious and virtuous President [Page 520] of the great North American republic, Abraham Lincoln, which took place on Saturday, the 15th of April last, and which has struck with horror the entire continent, on account of the irreparable loss of the eminent patriot, of the idol of republicanism, of the worthy successor of the immortal Washington, of the missionary of liberty, the friend of humanity, and the unwearied defender of the emancipation of the slave, the Society of the Founders of the Independence of Peru, composed of the last remains of the great liberating army which, with its blood and sacrifices, had the high glory of founding this nation, free and independent of all foreign power, sustaining with valor and constancy that heroic struggle, imitating the example of that colossal republic, perform the sacred duty of manifesting, in a solemn manner, the bitter grief which animates them on account of the misfortune of that prominent citizen, the idol of the great American family, and upon whom the greatest encomium would be too short to exalt his merit and virtues. And if a parricidal ball, fired by an American monster, cut the thread of his precious and interesting existence, that same ball has transpierced the hearts of the founders of the independence of Peru, leaving them overwhelmed in bitter weeping; and to manifest their profound grief have Resolved, 1st. That the members of the society wear mourning for eight consecutive days.

2d. That a committee wait upon his excellency the minister of the United States resident in this capital, placing in his hands a respectful note, expressing the sentiments of the society, requesting him to transmit it to his excellency the minister of foreign relations of that great republic, for the knowledge of his government and of all the sons of that afflicted nation, who are our brothers, and whom we accompany in the grief and affliction which they suffer at the death of their affectionate father.

3d. That the society invite the celebration of a funeral service to the memory of the illustrious martyr of liberty.

4th. That the act which the session of the permanent junta of the society has had with so laudable an end, be published in the journals of the capital, as also the note directed to the minister of foreign relations, and which documents shall be published, as well translated, into the North American idiom, in order that all may be acquainted with the pure, just, and patriotic manifestation which the few founders of the independence who still remain make out of respect to the noble victim immolated in defence of liberty.

Let note be given and exemption from the usual proceedings of rule.


Approved of unanimously:

Secretario Cesante.