[Translation from the Commercio da Lisboa.]

An address was delivered to-day to the minister of the United States at this court, expressing the deep feelings of pain and regret with which the news of the death of citizen Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States, was received at Lisbon.

This address, which received its inspiration from Mr. José de Seabra Pessoa, was proposed at the association (centro) by the member Costa Pereira, and signed by the members J. Pessoa, Costa Pereira, E. Coetho, Brito Aranha, Vieira da Silva, and Gouveia.

At 11.30 the minister received the deputation, composed of Messieurs Vieira da Silva, Gonzalves, Costa Pereira, and José Seabra Pessoa. His excellency, in returning thanks for this spontaneous manifestation, addressed the committee in most agreeable and very flattering terms.