Mr. Judd to Mrs. Lincoln .

Honored Madam: I have the honor to inform you that to-day Captain Von Lucadon, personal aide-de-camp of his Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Prussia, called at this legation, by command of his Royal Highness, charged to convey to you, madam, through me, the sympathy that their royal highnesses, the Prince and the Princess Royal feel for your deep affliction, in the death of your worthy and honored husband, and their anxious desire for your health and well-being.

In executing that request, permit me to add, on my own behalf, the sincere sympathy I feel for your loss, and the deep grief that overwhelmed me at the death of one to whom I was bound by the strongest ties of friendship and love.

I am, madam, your obedient servant and friend,


United States Minister, Prussia.

Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.