Mr. Van Limburg to Mr. Hunter .


Sir: In the Netherlands, as everywhere else, the news of the assassination of President Lincoln, and of the attempt on the life of the Secretary of State, has caused an universal shock and deep indignation.

On the part of the royal government, the minister of foreign affairs would have wished to request Mr. Pike to he so good as to transmit to Washington the assurances of the sorrowful impression caused throughout the Netherlands by this double crime, but the temporary absence of the minister resident of the United States not putting that in my power, it is in virtue of the King’s order, and in accordance with a resolution adopted by a council of ministers, that I am charged to present, without delay, to the American government the assurance of lively sympathy in the loss and profound indignation at the crime, in which all the Netherlands partake with the King.

I am charged to express, sir, at the same time, the wishes of his Majesty and of the royal government that Divine Providence may preserve the life of Mr. Seward, so precious to the people of the United States.

In acquitting myself of this duty, sir, I have the honor to repeat to you the assurances of my high consideration.


Hon. William Hunter,
Acting Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.