Governor of Tabasco


Mr. Consul: The kindred people of this continent, united in the lovely bonds of democracy, ought to share mutually in its joys audits sorrows. For this reason Mexico will ever deplore the unfortunate event of the 14th of April last, the death of the illustrious champion of liberty in the city of Washington. For this reason will Mexico forget her past misfortunes, in the midst of her present trials, and congratulate the great and heroic people of the United States on this day of glorious memory.

Accept, then, Mr. consul, on this day—the anniversary of that auspicious day when your ancestors proclaimed their independence in the city of Philadelphia—my sincere congratulations, as a private individual, and as the representative of this State, of whose sympathies I believe myself, on this occasion, the most faithful interpreter.

Accept also, in the name of your government, the demonstrations of esteem and good will from the garrison of this place, who have kindred sentiments, and trust that Mexico in general, and Tabasco in particular, will be worthy members of the great democratic family that people the world of Columbus, in spite of the mean strategy now used to divide us.

I make vows to Providence for the happiness of the United States, and pray that the peace the great republic has just conquered at such a great sacrifice may last long, for the good of humanity.

You will please accept, on this account, the assurances of my personal esteem and consideration.

Republic and liberty! San Juan Bautista, 4th of Julv, 1865.


Leon Alejo Torre, First Officer.

B. N. Sanders,
Consul of the United States at this port, Present.