Mr. Geofroy to Mr. Hunter.


Sir: I have received the note by which you announce to me the sad events which now afflict the people of the United States.

You please to inform me at the same time that the Vice-President, Andrew Johnson, has, under the Constitution, officially entered into possession of the presidency, and has authorized you, sir, to fill, until further order, the functions of Secretary of State.

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I only anticipate the instructions of my government in assuring you of the deep and painful regret with which it will learn the death of President Lincoln, and other outrages which accompanied that great crime. That it will take very lively interest in your calamities you cannot doubt. Please, therefore, receive all the condolences which I this day offer to you in its name, to which I add at the same time the very sincere expression of my personal feelings.

I renew to you on this occasion the assurances of my most distinguished consideration.


Hon. William Hunter, Acting Secretary of State.