Fraternity of Artisans of Florence


Fraternity of artisans of Italy to the people of the United States.

Citizens: When the telegram brought the intelligence that the cause of civilization and justice had obtained a glorious victory, (fit reward for your indomitable constancy and heroic valor,) this brotherhood of artisans was about to testify in a public and solemn manner the fraternal love which unites to you, free citizens, every heart which beats for and desires the complete triumph of the rights of humanity. But, alas! the hand of an infamous assassin (the [Page 446] agent, doubtless, of a mysterious and iniquitous plot prepared against the national liberty) has taken away the precious life of your Chief Magistrate and placed in great danger another one not inferior to it. This barbarous and execrable deed has filled with deep sorrow the souls of our fraternity, and having in consequence cast aside the thoughts of any joyful demonstration, the committee, as interpreter of the sentiments of their association, has resolved to drape with mourning the flag of the society for fifteen days, to express to you their indignation for the terrible murder committed, and to address to you a word of fraternal sympathy.

Free citizens! may the name of Abraham Lincoln be to you a watchword whereby you may better accomplish the sublime mission which you have begun, and through the sacrament of his blood may all tyrannies be destroyed.

Long life to the American republic! Long life to the federal Union!

  • GIUSEPPE DOLFI, President.
  • FRANCESCO PECINI, Secretary.