Carru Mechanics’ Mutual Aid Society


To the United States Minister in Italy:

Even we, honest workingmen of an Italian village, were struck with horror and indignation at the unexpected and sad news from the United States of America, just at the time when all Europe was rejoicing over the splendid victories of the federal army. Even we felt it our duty to express to you, illustrious citizen and worthy representative of the United States in Italy, our profound condolence for the atrocious murder of your President, Abraham Lincoln, the martyr to a cause that interests all humanity.

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As soon as the unlucky news reached us we draped our banner in mourning, as a token of the deep affliction of our hearts. One thought comforts us: the cause for which Lincoln lived and died is now triumphant; the name of the man whose death we lament, crowned with immortal glory, shall shine in history with that of Washington. If one was the father of the great republic, the other was its saviour.

Unanimously adopted by the Mechanics’ Mutual Aid Society of Carru, at a general meeting on the 30th of April, 1866.

Pietro Madonno, Secretary.