Bologna Ladies’ Society


Address of condolence from the Ladies’ Society of Bologna to the President.

Abraham Lincoln was barbarously assassinated at the moment when the abolition of slavery, the only aim of all his hopes, had just been accomplished. May the grace of God reach the wretch, for man cannot pardon him!

But the cause of nations is not weakened by private misfortunes, and though our hearts are deeply stricken, we are consoled by the thought that the American nation has chosen you, Mr. President, as the worthy successor of the illustrious deceased, knowing that you would follow in his footsteps, put an end to the civil war, and fly to the help of a neighboring nation that a foreign power wishes to oppress.

The maidens, spouses, and mothers of that nation are sending up their prayers for the salvation of their country; and we, maidens, spouses, and mothers of [Page 437] suffering Italy, are waiting hopefully for the time when America, restored to her former strength and glory, and to her rightful station among the great nations of the earth, will come to our aid and relieve us from foreign oppression.

Accept, citizen President, the assurance of our most distinguished consideration.

For the Ladies’ Society of Bologna:

  • MARIA TECINI, Directress.
    Committee of the Members.