Bologna Workingmen’s Society


Citizen President: Universal grief and mourning was spread abroad at the sad announcement of the violent death of that most virtuous republican, Abraham Lincoln, and the greatest indignation and horror was felt by all good people against the brutal parricide.

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He was barbarously assassinated on the eve of the completion of his great task, the abolition of slavery.

May the malediction of God descend upon those who conceived and consummated the most abominable deed!

But the profound sorrow that affected all was greatly alleviated when it was known that the great American nation had called you to be the worthy successor of the illustrious deceased Chief Magistrate; because it is hoped that you will follow in his footsteps and complete the great task that he begun; and not only that, but give aid to a neighboring nation whose people are now subjugated by a foreign sovereign.

In expressing these sentiments of our society, inspired by republican and humanitarian principles, we cherish the firm hope that the day is not far distant when the glorious country discovered by our Italian Columbus will again flourish as formerly among the great nations of the earth.

Accept, Mr. President, the assurances of our highest respect and esteem.

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