Lubec Senate

Excellency: The news of the assassination which terminated the life of the universally honored and very worthy President, Abraham Lincoln, has filled our city with equal horror at the crime, and pain and sorrow for the loss of the distinguished man who fell a victim.

It is this sentiment of sincere participation in the mourning for Abraham Lincoln pervading our Senate, citizens, and the entire community, to which we now desire to give heart-felt expression.

We comprehend the magnitude of the loss which the government and people of the United States have sustained; we most sincerely wish prosperity to the Union, and commend our republic to the good will of your excellency, feeling ourselves honored in tendering you the assurance of our particular regard and unaltered esteem.

The senate of the free and Hanseatic city of Lubec.

Presiding Burger master.

C. H. Overbeck, Dr., Secretary.