Mr. Hassaurek to Mr. Seward.


No. 160.]

Sir: Besides ordering that all the officers and employés of the republic of Ecuador shall wear mourning for three days, during which time the Ecuadorian flag shall be displayed at half-mast from all the public buildings, President Garcia Moreno, immediately after the arrival of the horrible news of President Lincoln’s death, at Quito, wrote me a letter of condolence. * * *

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I also received letters of condolence from the minister for foreign affairs, and other prominent citizens of Quito. These and other manifestations will enable you to judge what a sensation of amazement and regret Mr. Lincoln’s lamentable death has produced in Spanish America. Even those who were but lukewarm friends of the Union, or open sympathizers with the rebellion, are now loud in their condemnation of the south.

With expressions of profound respect and consideration, I have the honor to remain your most obedient servant,


Hon. William H. Seward,
Secretary of State.