Señor J. Volio to Don Luis Molina


Sir: The assassination perpetrated in the person of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, and the criminal attempt made against the Secretary of State, Mr. Seward, which you communicate in your despatch No. 186, has caused the profoundest regret to the members of this government, and generally to the Costa Rican people, who understand and appreciate the merit of the illustrious victims of such a horrible event.

This government has read with esteem the communications, copies of which you enclosed, exchanged between the secretaryship of state and that legation, in relation to said events, and it is highly pleased that it fell to you the honor to be one of the commission charged with the manifestation to the family of the ill-fated Mr. Lincoln of the share of the diplomatic body in the general mourning, and with the expression to Mr. Seward and his family of its sympathies and prayers for their recovery.

As soon as the dismal intelligence reached this capital, his excellency the President directed the national flag to be hoisted at half-mast on all the public buildings.

I am also informed of the inauguration of the new President, Mr. Andrew Johnson, and of the speeches on that solemn occasion.

While the enormities to which, political fanaticism may lead are lamented, it is a source of consolation that the attitude preserved at so very critical moments by the nation so cruelly wounded, remaining immovably true to its institutions, and exhibiting sentiments of horror and bereavement, is equally worthy of a great and generous people as of the illustrious personages to whom they were devoted.

Hailing the miraculous preservation of the Hon. Mr. Seward, and offering prayers for the restoration of himself, his worthy son, and all other persons of his estimable family, I close this, recommending you to communicate its contents in the usual form, which might be more acceptable.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


His Excelleney Don Luis Molina,
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from Costa Rica, Washington, D. C.