Swiss Residents to the Editor of the Bund, in Berne


Mr. Editor: We send you our most hearty thanks for giving us Swiss people the opportunity of expressing our sympathy for the victory of the American Union.

We, the undersigned, Swiss polytechnists, residing in Carlsruhe, have watched the course of American affairs with intense interest, believing that the republic beyond the ocean was undergoing a trial by fire, not only for the principles of civilization, but for the good of the American States, and of the whole world.

The news of the late Union victories gave us great pleasure, as that of the death of your first and greatest citizen caused us extreme sorrow.

The address and supplement, in Nos. 115 and 116 of the Bund, expresses our exact sentiments, and we hereby request you to add our names to it, with our most cordial approbation.

Very respectfully, your obedient servants,

  • J. GLAUSER, of Bern,
  • H. HANHART, of Winterthur,
  • E. BRUNNEN, of Küsnach,
  • CARL MÜLLER, of Zurich,
  • EUGENE SCHMIDT, of Lausanne.

The Editor of the Bund, Berne, Switzerland.