Inhabitants of Brighton

At a public meeting of the inhabitants of the borough of Brighton, held at the Town Hall on Tuesday, the 2d May, 1865, for the purpose of expressing the sentiments of the town on the diabolical assassination of the American President, and of sympathy with the American nation under this fearful calamity, and to [Page 168] adopt such resolutions thereon as to the said meeting may appear expedient, the worshipful the mayor, J. L. Brigden, esq., in the chair, it was

Resolved, That this meeting regards with feelings of utter abhorrence and indignation the atrocious murder of Mr. Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, by the hand of a ruthless assassin, and desires to express its profound sympathy toward those who are our brethren in origin at the awful calamity which has thus befallen their great nation and stricken us with amazement and terror.

Resolved, That the deepest sympathy of this meeting be presented to Mrs. Lincoln on this most calamitous event, which, while it has deprived the nation of the United States of its President, has rendered her a sorrowing widow under circumstances so cruel, lamentable, and distressing.


Mayor of Brighton.