Municipal Council of Bath

Sir: We, the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the city and borough of Bath, in council assembled, beg to join our fellow-countrymen of all classes in expressing our profound indignation and sorrow at the assassination of the President of the United States.

At any moment, and under any circumstances, the English nation would have been filled with horror on hearing that a powerful ruler, trusted and beloved by millions, had been struck down by the hand of violence, but that this act of odious wickedness has been committed now when Mr. Lincoln’s life was so precious to himself, to his country, and to the world, is an event far more than commonly distressing.

We feel, sir, that we should very imperfectly discharge our duty if we merely offered you our sympathy, earnest and heartfelt as it is. We are anxious, also, to assure you that no words of wisdom and gentleness, conciliation and peace, uttered by your late lamented President will be forgotten in England, or fail to secure our affectionate gratitude; and while we mourn deeply with all and for all who suffer from the event, especially for her to whom he was bound by the tenderest ties, we yet trust that even this awful bereavement will be overruled for good, and that your statesmen and warriors may be filled with stronger desire and greater power to overcome the difficulties in the way of peace; and, not least, that between America and England there will always be the harmony and the confidence so natural in their near relationship, and so essential to their mutual prosperity.

Signed on behalf of the town council of the city and borough of Bath.


His Excellency the Minister
Of the United States of America.