Municipal Council of Brecon

Borough of Brecon.

At a meeting of the town council of the chartered borough of Brecon, held at the Guildhall of the same borough, on Thursday, the 11th day of May, 1865, George Causick, esq., mayor, in the chair, it was

Unanimously resolved, (on motion of Mr. Alderman Thomas, seconded by Mr. Councillor Davis,) That this meeting desires to express its unqualified abhorrence of the crime by which the United States of America have lost their President, Abraham Lincoln, and to record its sincerest sympathy with his widow and family, as well as with the government and people, on their irretrievable loss.

Resolved also, (on the motion of Mr. Councillor Bright, seconded by Mr. Councillor Prothero,) That the above resolution of sympathy be signed by the mayor on behalf of the meeting, and the common seal of the borough be affixed, and that the member for the borough, Colonel Watkins, be respectfully requested to forward the same to the American minister in London for transmission.