Municipal Council of Burntisland

At a meeting of the town council of the royal burgh of Burntisland, Scotland, held on the 2d day of May, 1865, the following resolution was unanimously agreed to, and the provost was requested to forward a copy of the same to his excellency the honorable Charles Francis Adams, United States minister:

The provost magistrates and town council of the royal burgh of Burntisland, in their own name, and in that of the community whose interests they represent, beg, most respectfully, to offer to the people of America their expressions of deep sympathy and condolence on the occasion of the lamented death of the late able, high-minded, and enlightened President of the United States, and desire at the same time to record their strong feelings of abhorrence and detestation of the crime by means of which the death of the President of the United States was accomplished.



Provost of Burntisland.