Municipal Council of Brechin

Resolution of the council of Brechin

At Brechin, and within the council chambers there, on the tenth day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-five.

In a meeting of the council of said city, the following resolution, moved by Alexander Guthrie, esquire, provost, was unanimously agreed to:

The magistrates and councillors of the city of Brechin, in the county of For-far, Scotland, having heard with feelings of sorrow and indignation of the cowardly assassination of President Lincoln, resolve to express their abhorrence and detestation of the cold-blooded and murderous deed, and their cordial sympathy with the people of the United States, on being thus deprived of one who, by his honesty of purpose and patriotism, as well as steadfast adherence to what [Page 161] he considered the principles of right and justice, has left behind him a name that will long be remembered; and the council further resolve, that a copy of this resolution, signed by the provost, and having the seal of the city affixed, be transmitted to his excellency Mr. Adams, the United States minister in London.



We, the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the borough of Berwick upon-Tweed, in council assembled, in unison with all classes of her Majesty’s subjects, beg to add our expression of horror and indignation at the unparalleled crime which has deprived the United States of America of their admirable President, and of our deep and sincere sympathy with the sorrow of that great people, caused by an act of such atrocity.

Given under the common seal of the borough, at our quarterly meeting, on the 3d day of May, 1865.

Sealed in open council this 3d day of May, 1865.