Earl Russell to Sir Frederick Bruce .

Sir: It is impossible to describe the sentiments of horror and indignation which have been inspired by the sad intelligence from Washington.

Her Majesty has directed me to express her sincere condolence with the families of the late President, and of Mr. Seward, under their present afflictions.

It is my duty to request that you will convey to the government of the United States the assurance that the government, the Parliament, and the nation are affected by a unanimous feeling of abhorrence of the criminals guilty of these cowardly and atrocious crimes, and sympathy for the government and people of the United States, thus deprived of those to whom they looked for authority in administration and wisdom in council.

Notice has been given in both houses of addresses, to be moved by ministers of the Crown, expressing in a formal shape the sentiments of sorrow and indignation felt by Parliament on this sad occasion.

I am, &c.,


Hon. Sir Frederick Bruce, G. C. B., &c., &c., &c.