[From the Opinion Nationale, April 30, 1865.]

The funeral service, which we yesterday announced at the end of our Bulletin, took place to-day, at 12 o’clock, in the Episcopal chapel, in Rue Bayard, being celebrated by the Rev. M. Lampson.

The chapel was hung with black, and ornamented with flags and escutcheons, with the colors of the United States.

The attendance was numerous, and were impressed with a deep sense of the solemnity of the occasion. Among the French persons present were the following deputies: MM. Berryer, Jules Favre, Eugene Pelletan, Jules Simon, Garnier Pages, Ernest Picard, General Franconniere, aide-de-eanip of Prince Napoleon, and a great many lawyers, writers, and journalists, among whom were MM. Henri Martin, Cremieux, A de la Page Floquet, Degauve, Denucques, Andre Pasquet, Dreo, &c.

This mournful ceremony had nothing in it of a political or official character, and was exclusively religious.