Mr. Tomas Guido to Mr. Kirk .


Dear Sir: I do not fear to renew your sorrow by uniting mine to the unutterable grief that the American people and all friends of liberty feel at the sight of Abraham Lincoln’s grave.

That great republican, torn from his country, family, and friends at a time when his sacred patriotism had gained its end, has sealed his work with his blood. That blood, though a stain on his murderer’s hand, will cherish yet the seed of liberty in all generations.

Peace to the memory of that great and just man, worthy brother of Washington, with whom he is now in a better world to come.

You, dear sir, who so honorably represent your country, let it mitigate your sorrow to find sympathy among Argentines for this great misfortune, and I as one of them feel most deeply affected.

I am your most obedient servant,


Robert C. Kirk, Esq.,
U. S. Minister Resident.