Señor B. Bruzual to Mr. Hunter


Sir: I have just received your note of the 15th instant, informing me of the great misfortune that has put an end to the important existence of that most excellent man, Abraham Lincoln, and brought the Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, and Mr. Frederick W. Seward, Assistant Secretary, to a bed of pain and suffering. A note of condolence, on account of this horrid and lamentable event, was sent to you yesterday by me.

You also inform me that the Hon. Andrew Johnson has entered upon the duties of the presidency, and has appointed you Secretary of State pro tempore. I am sure that judgment, reason and benignity will form the torch to illuminate the administration of the new President and guide him in the terrible crisis through which the republic must pass.

I embrace the occasion to repeat to you the sentiments of consideration with which I have the honor to be your humble servant.


Hon. William Hunter,
Acting Secretary of State.