Señor Rafael Seijas to Mr. Culver


No. 181.]

The undersigned, minister of the department of foreign affairs of the United States of Venezuela, replies to the note of the 17th instant, in which the honorable minister resident is pleased to communicate to the government of Venezuela the fact that his Excellency William H. Seward, had so far recovered from his wounds as to have resumed the discharge of his duties at the head of the Department of State.

This most welcome intelligence has gratified extremely the citizen President of the republic, and for the same he congratulates also the people and government of the United States, not less than its representative in Caracas.

The far-seeing statesman who has contributed so largely to obviate the effects of the insurrection which at one time threatened to destroy the United States, and completely subdue that rebellion, is doubtless one of the men best fitted for carrying to perfection the plan which the late unfortunate President conceived with such matchless good sense, and which embraced not only the measures of overcoming the partisans of separation, but also the means of assuring the peace and prosperity of the Union, to which the marvellous advance of the country is due, and whereby that country, fully recovered from the great evils of the war, will return to occupy in the world the elevated position to which she is entitled.

It is gratifying, moreover, to perceive that the hopes of new calamities which the assassination was to fasten on the country have all been frustrated, while the preservation of the associate of Mr. Lincoln, and his return to the Department of State, must now become the sting and punishment of those who attempted his life.

Such, in brief, are the sentiments of the government, and such those of the undersigned, and, in communicating them to Mr. Culver he begs to renew to him the protests of assurance of distinguished consideration.


Mr. E. D. Culver,&c., &c., &c.