[From El Tiempo de Bogota, June 21, 1865.]



To-day has been set apart for the purpose of honoring officially in this cit the memory of the deceased President of the United States of America. Incite by the honorable Allan A. Burton, the government of Colombia, that of the State of Cundinamarca, the diplomatic ministers, and the members of the consular body residing in the capital of the republic, have raised their flags at half-mast, as a manifestation of their respect and admiration for the illustrious dead, and the sincere affliction caused by his premature death.

It appears that some other spontaneous manifestations of sympathy in honor of the great deceased statesman have been prepared; but be these what they may, the honorable Mr. Allan A. Burton must be convinced already that the deplorable loss of Mr. Lincoln has profoundly wounded the Colombia people, who have long looked to him as the bulwark of the world of Columbus and of the glories of democratic America.

(The two foregoing articles from “El Tiempo” are written by the honorable Mr. Lleras, ex-secretary of foreign relations and late chief justice of the republic.)