President of the State of Cundinamarca


The President of the state to the Hon. Allan A. Burton, minister resident of the United States of America.

united states of colombia—sovereign state of cundinamarca—executive power.

The undersigned hastens to answer the note which the honorable Mr. Minister of the United States of America has done him the honor to address him, under date of yesterday, announcing officially the death of the never-to-be-enough-lamented Mr. Lincoln, late President of that republic.

The honorable Mr. Minister knows the high considerations which the undersigned entertains for the United States of America and its government, and the veneration he has always attached to the name and merits of the deceased, Mr. Lincoln, and it is, therefore, useless to express to the minister the sincere grief and deep pain with which he has received this unhappy intelligence; and it is certain that the state of Cundinamarca will be sadly impressed by this melancholy event, and in evidence of which the state flag will be displayed in mourning from the government house on to-morrow.

The undersigned gives to the honorable Mr. Burton, individually, the most feeling and cordial condolence, and has the honor to improve this opportunity to reiterate to him the expression of his high esteem and distinguished consideration.