Señor Perez to Mr. Burton


The undersigned, secretary of the interior and foreign relations of the United States of Colombia, had the honor to receive the note in which the honorable minister of the United States of America makes known his having received instructions from his government directing him to communicate to the citizen President the lively sentiments of friendship and gratitude produced in the minds of the American people and government by the unmistakable demonstrations of grief caused in the Colombian Union by the death of Abraham Lincoln, and soliciting at the same time a special audience of the first magistrate for the purpose of making to him said communication by order of his government.

The citizen President has designated Thursday next for such reception, and being profoundly grateful for this mark of consideration on the part of the American government and people, he will have the pleasure to manifest again and officially the profound feeling which has been caused throughout this Union by the unfortunate death of that honest and virtuous citizen who so honorably for the republican world sustained the just Union and true liberty of the great republic.

The undersigned renews to the honorable Mr. Burton the assurances of his very high consideration.