Italian Masonic Lodge

Address of the Italian Lodge.

Sir: We come as the delegates of the Italian Lodge (Carthage and Utica) of Free and Accepted Masons in this city, to express to you, who so fully partake of the elevated sentiments of your countrymen, our profound sorrow for the death of your illustrious Chief Magistrate, Abraham Lincoln. The name of Abraham Lincoln will henceforth be honored in our annals. Though he was an American, we in Africa are benefitted by his life, and the world is his debtor. He was wise, honest, and persevering; and while putting down the greatest and most infamous rebellion that ever disgraced the annals of history, he struck a death-blow to the institution of slavery, thus giving vigor and strength to the cause of liberty throughout the world. While we honor Washington as the father of his country, we shall still ever venerate Lincoln as the liberator of slaves and as one of the greatest benefactors of humanity. While admiring the character of Abraham Lincoln, we are instructed by our fraternity to express the hope that the work of emancipation so well commenced by him may be fully consummated by his surviving countrymen.

And now, honored sir, praying that the republican institutions of your country may ever be maintained in their purity and powers, diffusing blessings far and near, we beg you to accept the sincere expression of our profound respect.

  • Dr. G. MUGNANI,
  • T. SANTI,
  • Dr. G. ZERAFA,
  • L. FALCA,
  • G. B. GIOJA,
    Delegates of the Italian Lodge, Carthage and Utica

Hon. Amos Perry,
Consul General of the United States of America at Tunis.