Mustapha to Mr. Seward

[Literal translation from the Arabic.]

Praise to the only God!

To the excellence of him who has given distinction to the ministry—who has at the same time ordered and directed its affairs—to the excellence of him who is the glory of eminent ministers, whose renown is universal, and whose character and services are above all praise, Monsieur William H. Seward, minister of state and of foreign affairs of the United States of America: may he always be the head of the ministry and the director of eminent men.

Rendering due honor to the distinguished office and to the high character of your excellency, we make known to you that his Highness our august sovereign ceases not to entertain for your government an abiding and ever increasing friendship and regard, the cause of which is your admirable conduct and your noble policy. His Highness has received the news of the re-establishment of peace and tranquillity in your great country. This news has afforded him unmeasured satisfaction; and sincere friendship makes him share with you the pleasure consequent upon this happy result and great event.

To this end, then, his Highness sends to your government the honorable, the beloved, the elect, General Otman Hashem, to express to the President his sincere felicitations, and also to express to the President the heartfelt grief which his Highness experienced at the death of the lamented President, Abraham Lincoln, which sad event wounded all our hearts. We pray God that this may be the end of trials and misfortunes to your beloved country. His Highness also sends with his ambassador his portrait, to serve as a souvenir of his friendship, as stated in his letter.

His Highness looks with confidence to your excellency to arrange for an agreeable reception of his envoy, General Hashem, by his Excellency the President.

We take this occasion also to inform your excellency that we have found in the conduct of him who is distinguished among his colleagues, Mr. Amos Perry, consul of your government at this court, the best disposition to maintain and strengthen the bonds of friendship which unite our two governments. His (Mr. Perry’s) courteous and honorable bearing merits and receives the approbation and the best compliments of his Highness our august sovereign.

We make this statement to bear our testimony to a worthy representative, and to show that your choice falls only on meritorious men.

Written by the poor before his God,


Major General, Prime Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of his Highness the Bey of Tunis.