American Residents of Nice

To his Excellency Andrew Johnson, President of the United States:

The undersigned, Americans residing at Nice, desire to express to you the profound sorrow they feel in hearing of the abominable crime which has deprived the United States of the pure and noble-hearted Abraham Lincoln.

Their faith remains unshaken, however, that under God’s protection, the republic, already victorious over a wicked rebellion, will come out of its trials purer and stronger than it ever has been, and they earnestly pray that God may bless and sustain you to complete the great work so faithfully carried on by your lamented predecessor.

  • Mrs. JOHN WURTS, New York.
  • Mrs. JAMES LESLEY, Philadelphia.
  • Mrs. JAMES LESLEY, Jr., Philadelphia.
  • R. M. DEL CASTILLO, Louisiana.
  • Mrs. JANE R. ELWOOD, New York.
  • FRANK W. ELWOOD, New York.
  • Mrs. E. C. KINNEY.
  • ALBERT DABADIE, Philadelphia.
  • Mrs. F. A. DEPAU, Philadelphia.
  • COUNTESS BOUXHOWDEN, Bordentown, N. J.
  • JULIA P. PILATTE, Virginia.
  • CHARLES O. HALL, Massachussetts.
  • Mrs. CHARLES O. HALL, Massachussetts.