Mr. Stoeckl to Mr. Seward

Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor to transmit to you a copy, hereto annexed, of a new regulation concerning merchant vessels of all nations which may arrive at Cronstadt. This special law is intended for the benefit of the municipal revenues of Cronstadt for the cleansing of vessels.

I pray you, Mr. Secretary of State, to be so good as to order the publication of this regulation through the proper channel.

Please accept, Mr. Secretary of State, the assurance of my high consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.



On the 17th of February last his Majesty the Emperor deigned to sanction a decision of the council of the empire, of which the following are the provisions:

1. All merchant vessels, as well masted and sea-going as coasters, and without masts, arriving at the port of Cronstadt, must pay to the benefit of the municipal revenues of Cronstadt a special tax for their cleansing and the removal of their filth, to wit: On each voyage, masted sea-going vessels, fifty copeks each mast; and vessels not masted and coasters, ten copeks each vessel.

2. The arrangements relative to the cleansing and removal of filth from vessels, as well as for the collection of the duty for which they are liable on this head, are made in the general order in force by the municipality of Cronstadt, either by means of letting out by public auction, or by commission, as it shall judge proper.

3. In virtue of the laws in force, the military governor of Cronstadt is charged, as the immediate head of the city of Cronstadt, to attend to the execution of the present regulation.