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Regular volumes

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969–1976

  1. Foundations of Foreign Policy, 1969–1972, Volume I (Full Text, Ebook)
  2. Organization and Management of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1969–1972, Volume II (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  3. Foreign Economic Policy; International Monetary Policy, 1969–1972, Volume III (Full Text, Ebook)
  4. Foreign Assistance, International Development, Trade Policies, 1969–1972, Volume IV (Full Text, Ebook)
  5. United Nations, 1969–1972, Volume V (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  6. Vietnam, January 1969–July 1970, Volume VI (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  7. Vietnam, July 1970–January 1972, Volume VII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  8. Vietnam, January–October 1972, Volume VIII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  9. Vietnam, October 1972–January 1973, Volume IX (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  10. Vietnam, January 1973–July 1975, Volume X (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  11. South Asia Crisis, 1971, Volume XI (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  12. Soviet Union, January 1969–October 1970, Volume XII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  13. Soviet Union, October 1970–October 1971, Volume XIII (PDF)
  14. Soviet Union, October 1971–May 1972, Volume XIV (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  15. Soviet Union, June 1972–August 1974, Volume XV (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  16. Soviet Union, August 1974–December 1976, Volume XVI (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  17. China, 1969–1972, Volume XVII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  18. China, 1973–1976, Volume XVIII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  19. Korea, 1969–1972, Volume XIX, Part 1 (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  20. Southeast Asia, 1969–1972, Volume XX (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  21. Chile, 1969–1973, Volume XXI (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  22. Panama, 1973–1976, Volume XXII (Full Text, PDF)
  23. Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1969–1972, Volume XXIII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  24. Middle East Region and Arabian Peninsula, 1969–1972; Jordan, September 1970, Volume XXIV (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  25. Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1973, Volume XXV (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  26. Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1974–1976, Volume XXVI (Full Text, PDF)
  27. Iran; Iraq, 1973–1976, Volume XXVII (Full Text, PDF)
  28. Southern Africa, Volume XXVIII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  29. Eastern Europe; Eastern Mediterranean, 1969–1972, Volume XXIX (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  30. Greece; Cyprus; Turkey, 1973–1976, Volume XXX (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  31. Foreign Economic Policy, 1973–1976, Volume XXXI (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  32. SALT I, 1969–1972, Volume XXXII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  33. SALT II, 1972–1980, Volume XXXIII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  34. National Security Policy, 1969–1972, Volume XXXIV (PDF)
  35. National Security Policy, 1973–1976, Volume XXXV (Full Text, PDF)
  36. Energy Crisis, 1969–1974, Volume XXXVI (PDF)
  37. Energy Crisis, 1974–1980, Volume XXXVII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  38. Foundations of Foreign Policy, 1973–1976, Volume XXXVIII, Part 1 (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  39. Organization and Management of Foreign Policy; Public Diplomacy, 1973–1976, Volume XXXVIII, Part 2 (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  40. European Security, Volume XXXIX (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  41. Germany and Berlin, 1969–1972, Volume XL (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  42. Western Europe; NATO, 1969–1972, Volume XLI (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)
  43. Documents on Global Issues, 1969–1972, Volume E–1 (Full Text, Ebook)
  44. Documents on Arms Control and Nonproliferation, 1969–1972, Volume E–2 (Full Text, Ebook)
  45. Documents on Global Issues, 1973–1976, Volume E–3 (Full Text, Ebook)
  46. Documents on Iran and Iraq, 1969–1972, Volume E–4 (Full Text)
  47. Documents on Sub-Saharan Africa, 1969–1972, Volume E–5, Part 1 (Full Text)
  48. Documents on North Africa, 1969–1972, Volume E–5, Part 2 (Full Text)
  49. Documents on Africa, 1973–1976, Volume E–6 (Full Text)
  50. Documents on South Asia, 1969–1972, Volume E–7 (Full Text)
  51. Documents on South Asia, 1973–1976, Volume E–8 (Full Text)
  52. Documents on North Africa, 1973–1976, Volume E–9, Part 1 (Full Text, PDF)
  53. Documents on American Republics, 1969–1972, Volume E–10 (Full Text)
  54. Documents on Mexico; Central America; Caribbean, 1973–1976, Volume E–11, Part 1 (PDF)
  55. Documents on East and Southeast Asia, 1973–1976, Volume E–12 (Full Text, Ebook)
  56. Documents on China, 1969–1972, Volume E–13 (Full Text)
  57. Documents on the United Nations, 1973–1976, Volume E–14, Part 1 (Full Text)
  58. Documents on Arms Control and Nonproliferation, 1973–1976, Volume E–14, Part 2 (PDF)
  59. Documents on Eastern Europe, 1973–1976, Volume E–15, Part 1 (Full Text)
  60. Documents on Western Europe, 1973–1976, Volume E–15, Part 2 (Full Text, PDF)
  61. Documents on Chile, 1969–1973, Volume E–16 (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)

Retrospective volumes

Foreign Relations of the United States

  1. 1917–1972, Public Diplomacy (Full Text, PDF)