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Volumes are grouped into Regular and Retrospective categories.

Regular volumes

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963

  1. Vietnam, 1961, Volume I (Full Text, Ebook)
  2. Vietnam, 1962, Volume II (Full Text, Ebook)
  3. Vietnam, January–August 1963, Volume III (Full Text, Ebook)
  4. Vietnam, August–December 1963, Volume IV (Full Text, Ebook)
  5. Soviet Union, Volume V (Full Text, Ebook)
  6. Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges, Volume VI (Full Text, Ebook)
  7. Arms Control and Disarmament, Volume VII (Full Text, Ebook)
  8. Arms Control; National Security; Foreign Economic Policy, Volumes VII/VIII/IX, Microfiche Supplement (Full Text)
  9. National Security Policy, Volume VIII (Full Text, Ebook)
  10. Foreign Economic Policy, Volume IX (Full Text, Ebook)
  11. Cuba, January 1961–September 1962, Volume X (Full Text, Ebook)
  12. American Republics; Cuba 1961–1962; Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath, Volumes X/XI/XII, Microfiche Supplement (Full Text)
  13. Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath, Volume XI (Full Text, Ebook)
  14. American Republics, Volume XII (Full Text, Ebook)
  15. Western Europe and Canada, Volume XIII (Full Text, Ebook)
  16. Western Europe; Berlin, Volumes XIII/XIV/XV, Microfiche Supplement
  17. Berlin Crisis, 1961–1962, Volume XIV (Full Text, Ebook)
  18. Berlin Crisis, 1962–1963, Volume XV (Full Text, Ebook)
  19. Eastern Europe; Cyprus; Greece; Turkey, Volume XVI (Full Text, Ebook)
  20. Near East, 1961–1962, Volume XVII (Full Text, Ebook)
  21. Near East; Congo; Africa, Volumes XVII/XVIII/XX/XXI, Microfiche Supplement
  22. Near East, 1962–1963, Volume XVIII (Full Text, Ebook)
  23. South Asia, Volume XIX (Full Text, Ebook)
  24. Congo Crisis, Volume XX (Full Text, Ebook)
  25. Africa, Volume XXI (Full Text, Ebook)
  26. Northeast Asia, Volume XXII (Full Text, Ebook)
  27. Northeast Asia; Laos, Volumes XXII/XXIV, Microfiche Supplement
  28. Southeast Asia, Volume XXIII (Full Text, Ebook)
  29. Laos Crisis, Volume XXIV (Full Text, Ebook)
  30. Organization of Foreign Policy; Information Policy; United Nations; Scientific Matters, Volume XXV (Full Text, Ebook)

Retrospective volumes

Foreign Relations of the United States

  1. 1917–1972, Public Diplomacy (Full Text, PDF)

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964–1968

  1. Congo, 1960–1968, Volume XXIII (Full Text, Ebook, PDF)