244. Memorandum From Secretary of State Shultz to President Reagan1


  • June 11 Meeting with Soviet Ambassador Dubinin

The arms control initiative Dubinin wanted to convey was a copy of a proposal being made to UN Secretary General de Cuellar for [Page 1000] multilateral cooperation in the peaceful uses of space.2 I reminded Dubinin that Moscow had been unresponsive to our own earlier proposals for space cooperation, but said we welcomed in principle the opportunity to work together in this area. I am sending John Poindexter the text and our analysis of the document.

As we discussed, I took the occasion to make three points which I asked Dubinin to convey on your behalf to Gorbachev:

—That we viewed the Soviets’ recent proposals in Geneva as serious ones, and that they would receive careful study and a reply;

—That you had noted what has been done in resolving some humanitarian cases, and viewed recent steps as positive and welcome;

—And that, if Gorbachev wanted to suggest a date in mid-November for the 1986 summit, you would be prepared to accept.

Dubinin undertook to convey your message to Gorbachev personally. He then asked—on a “personal” basis—what we intended to do about SALT II. I outlined the rationale for your decision, emphasizing our desire to achieve a reliable regime of mutual restraint, and pointing to the first element of your message to Gorbachev as evidence of your desire to achieve real reductions in strategic weapons.3 Dubinin noted in response only that the timing of a decision to exceed SALT restraints was “an important element.” He seemed to be suggesting that it might be difficult for Gorbachev to come here with such a decision hanging over him or having just been made.

Dubinin confirmed he would be returning from Moscow in time to present his credentials to you June 23 as we had proposed.

  1. Source: Reagan Library, Jack Matlock Files, Chronological File, 1980–1986, Matlock Chron June 1986 (3/6). Secret; Sensitive. Reagan initialed in the top right-hand margin of the memorandum. In telegram 179564 to USUN and Moscow, June 6, the Department reported that Yuriy Vladimirovich Dubinin was “named the Soviet Ambassador to the United States on May 20, 1986. He has no direct experience with U.S. affairs, although he dealt with U.S. officials frequently in Geneva” as deputy head of the Soviet CSCE delegation from 1973 to 1975, and then as Ambassador to Spain from 1978 to 1986 when he was appointed Soviet Permanent Representative to the UN. (Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, Electronic Telegrams, D860441–0133) A read-out of Shultz’s meeting with Dubinin was transmitted in a message via the NODIS///ADAM Channel to Moscow on June 12. (Reagan Library, Jack Matlock Files, Chronological File, 1980–1986, Matlock Chron June 1986 (3/6))
  2. In telegram 187071 to Moscow, June 13, the Department sent the information provided by Dubinin, which consisted of a “letter from Premier Ryzhkov to UN SecGen Pérez de Cuéllar proposing creation of new ‘world space organization’ to oversee ambitious program of cooperation in peaceful exploitation of space;” as well as talking points elaborating the proposal. (Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, Electronic Telegrams, D860457–0867)
  3. See footnote 2, Document 237.