292. Letter From President Carter to Paraguayan President Stroessner1

Dear Mr. President:

I am pleased that you were able to visit Washington for the signing of the Panama Canal Treaties and that this gave us the opportunity to meet.2 Your views, as one of the hemisphere’s senior leaders, are important to me.

I was glad to learn of your willingness to receive a visit from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights if the Commission finds that such a visit would be desirable after reviewing your government’s response to its report on Paraguay. Several other members of the Organi [Page 838] zation of American States have now also indicated their willingness to receive the Commission. I believe Paraguay’s readiness to do so is a very hopeful development, and one that strengthens effective cooperation within the framework of existing international commitments.

For my part, in addition to such a visit, I would like to repeat my offer to have officials of the Department of State’s Office of Human Rights meet with your representatives in Paraguay, should that be helpful to you.

I am mindful of your interest in loans to assist your development programs. As you know, we have now stated our willingness to support Paraguay’s application to the Inter-American Development Bank for the loan to improve the water system in Asuncion. We have also approved disbursement of six loans and grants by the Agency for International Development. Other loan applications by Paraguay will be considered as they come up for decision. My government’s position will of course take into account all appropriate considerations, including human rights developments.

You also mentioned the matter of credits for the commercial purchase of two DC–8 aircraft for your national airline. If Paraguay proceeds with a request to the Export-Import Bank, it will be reviewed according to the Bank’s established procedures. I would note that human rights considerations are also a factor in the Export-Import Bank’s decision-making.

Finally, I encourage you to let me know directly if any matter should arise that you wish to bring to my personal attention.


Jimmy Carter
  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Staff Material, North/South, Pastor, Country Files, Box 96, Paraguay, 1/77-7/80. No classification marking.
  2. See Document 290.